• Sustainability

Your legacy, more sustainable.

Wilsonart is dedicated to delivering your vision sustainably and responsibly. Our products are inspired by natural beauty, and we are inspired by preserving the greatness of nature itself. It is in our company’s DNA to engineer ever-smarter solutions that leave an ever-shrinking impact. We’re driven by our sustainability pillars, affecting what we make, how we make it, and our organizational purpose.

Responsibility beyond the surface.

Caring Culture

Our positive impact is connected to our sense of community. From an extraordinary commitment to empowering employees’ personal and professional growth to supporting organizations that truly make a difference in our communities, we believe sustainability starts with responsibility.

Inspiring Efficiency

We strive to use resources wisely and efficiently as we craft our global products and serve our customers. Guided by the understanding that today’s actions impact tomorrow’s world, we remain steadfast in our energy efficiency and renewable energy efforts, with targeted strategies to reduce waste and maintain our numerous environmental certifications.

Enduring Products

The quality and durability of Wilsonart products provide end users with value while reducing waste over the long term. Thanks to our built-in innovations, many of our products are engineered to be impact, scratch, and moisture resistant, eliminating the need for replacing worn or damaged surfaces. This generates less waste over time.

Our Goals & Targets

Our commitment to shrinking our impact is rooted in setting goals and acting to meet or exceed them.

10% or Less

Maintain a lower landfill-to-production weight ratio of 10% or lower every year. Our 2021 progress: 13.8%

5% YOY

Increase amount of recycled manufacturing waste and decrease amount of waste sent to landfills by 5% year-over-year.

40% by 2025

Increase overall post-consumer recycled content in HPLs by 40%. Our 2021 progress: 23%.

Acting beyond the surface.

See our Wilsonart sustainability reports.


Wilsonart® High Pressure Laminate (HPL), a flagship product from our leading brand, embodies our global commitment to conscious craftsmanship. Sustainable manufacturing. Exceptional durability. And a personal care throughout.

Inspired by nature.

We craft products that reflect the beauty of the natural world — and protect Mother Nature’s gifts. Discover how engineered solutions are the sustainable way forward for the entire Wilsonart® Engineered Surfaces family of brands.