Wilsonart Leads Industry Response to EPA Ban on Methylene Chloride with Revolutionary Nonflammable Contact Adhesives

Wilsonart® NF700/NF740/NF940 Series’ nonflammable formulations are methylene chloride-free

TEMPLE, Texas (May 20, 2024) – Following the landmark decision by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ban most uses of methylene chloride due to health risks, Wilsonart, a global leader in engineered surfaces, is underscoring the availability of its Wilsonart® Nonflammable NF700, NF740 Aerosol & Canister series and NF940 Bulk Contact Adhesive series. In anticipation of this ban, Wilsonart developed the line in 2018 as an alternative to conventional adhesives containing methylene chloride. The revolutionary nonflammable contact adhesives offer unparalleled safety and performance for the industry.

The EPA's ban on methylene chloride, published on April 30, 2024, addresses the severe health risks associated with the chemical, including various forms of cancer, neurotoxicity and even death. With the ban set to phase out consumer and industrial uses of methylene chloride within two years, Wilsonart recognized the need to offer adhesive alternatives to fabricators and commercial architect & design specifiers that will help them comply with health and safety regulations.

"Our longstanding commitment to sustainability and safety has been at the forefront of our innovation for many years," stated Ron Ubertini, vice president of adhesives for Wilsonart. "The Wilsonart Nonflammable series stands as a testament to this dedication, representing a significant breakthrough that offers the same reliability and performance as traditional contact adhesives but without methylene chloride."

Wilsonart's NF700, NF740 and NF940 series are formulated with a nonflammable propellant and do not contain methylene chloride or n-propyl bromide, making them the ideal choice for laminating applications. With outstanding bond strength and high heat resistance, these adhesives ensure a fast and permanent bond with a strong initial tack, drying within 2-5 minutes.

The Wilsonart NF702/703 and NF742/743 Adhesive come in clear and green-dyed versions, meeting DOT "green diamond" standards for ease of shipping and storage. With these innovations, Wilsonart continues its legacy of delivering cutting-edge solutions that prioritize safety, performance and environmental responsibility.

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Published at: 05-20-2024