Wilsonart’s Synergii worksurfaces get Sanitized®

Shildon, United Kingdom (May 1, 2015) - All decors in Wilsonart’s revitalised Synergii laminate designer worksurfaces range now feature industrial-level antibacterial protection, thanks to Sanitized® silver ions. An innovation for residential kitchens and bathrooms, the super-hygienic surface is the result of 50 years of research and development in silver ion technology and antimicrobials.

Impregnated into the surface decor during the production process, the Sanitized® silver ions are encapsulated in glass balls which are activated when they come into contact with humidity. At this point, they kill any surface bacteria and block the cell division process, preventing the bacteria (which at room temperature, can double their population in just 20 minutes) from spreading. More than 99% of bacteria are destroyed in just 24 hours - including the likes of Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Salmonella enteritidis. Developed originally for commercial applications requiring the highest levels of hygiene such as hospitals, catering kitchens, public leisure facilities and even laboratory cleanrooms, Sanitized® surfaces are completely non-toxic and continue to give the same high level of antibacterial protection throughout the lifecycle of the worksurface. Gemma Barratt, Wilsonart’s Product Manager explains,

“There’s been a marked growth in antibacterial wipes and household cleaners in particular for kitchens and bathrooms. With safety and hygiene in the home a key concern for many families and with advances in technology allowing it, it seemed logical to build antibacterial protection in to our Synergii worksurfaces. It adds value for the customer and a whole new dimension to the overall performance and functionality of our  worksurfaces.”

Now Sanitized®, all Wilsonart Synergii laminate worksurfaces retain the same heat resistance as before and can be cleaned by common household detergents including bleach, without affecting the efficacy of the antibacterial surface treatment. It doesn’t affect design either. The revamped Synergii range includes on-trend decors, square-edged profiles and 22mm and 50mm thicknesses in addition to the standard options.

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Wilsonart UK is part of Wilsonart in the US, founded in 1956, which also owns well-known brands Resopal and Polyrey. Their laminate and solid surface production facility in Shildon, County Durham spans 23 acres and outputs on average 30,000 worktops every week.

Published at: 05-01-2015