Wetwall™ Waterproof Wall Panel System Introduces New Pro Plus Collection

11 New Designs Offer Simple Solutions for Complex Jobs, Transforming Spaces with
Style and Efficiency

 TEMPLE, Texas (May 6, 2024) Wetwall, a Wilsonart Company, announces the launch of its new Pro Plus Collection, designed specifically for larger-scale commercial projects. Offering unparalleled efficiency, durability, and aesthetic appeal, the Pro Plus Collection is set to revolutionize the way commercial spaces are designed and constructed. This innovative collection features 11 designs inspired by nature that beautifully mimic the looks of marbles, woodgrains, and more, while cutting back on labor, time, and cost without sacrificing beauty.

"In launching our Pro Plus Collection, Wetwall boldly redefines the landscape of commercial construction. With its fusion of efficiency, durability, and design versatility, this collection represents more than just a product line – it's a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence," said Kimberly Watson, global vice president of materials replacement at Wilsonart. "We believe the Pro Plus Collection will not only meet but exceed the expectations of architects, designers, and contractors, setting new standards for performance and aesthetics in the industry.”

Ideal for projects requiring at least 9,700 square feet of material with a 1/2 truckload order minimum, the Pro Plus Collection is engineered to meet the demands of modern commercial construction. From new builds to renovations, the collection offers a superior alternative to traditional tile solutions. The total start-to-finish price for materials, time, and labor is significantly less than tile, making it a cost-effective choice for budget-conscious projects. By requiring less labor and time, the Pro Plus Collection not only reduces overall project costs but also helps streamline construction timelines, allowing projects to stay on track and within budget.

Another key advantage of the Pro Plus Collection is its quick installation and reliable lead times, which help project managers effectively manage deadlines with clear expectations. Whether for new construction or renovation projects, the collection offers unmatched convenience and peace of mind, allowing stakeholders to focus on what matters most – delivering exceptional spaces for their clients.

The Pro Plus Collection offers a diverse selection of 11 new designs, providing architects and designers with even more options for customization:

  • Ashen Walnut (W7070): A sophisticated Walnut balanced with a mix of partial cathedrals and straight grain. A light grey with subtle contrast.
  • Birch Branches (W7049): Grey and cream curves that bring subtle liveliness and depth. 
  • Champagne Whisper (W7069) A soft gold color with a subtle reconstituted woodgrain effect. 
  • Classic Weave (W7073): Warm grey and cool grey tones mesh in a classic and subtle linen blend that offers broad coordination with other colors and materials.
  • Graceful Lines (W7075): A warm, sandy grey that adds subtlety and blends effortlessly with textures, patterns and colors. 
  • Harmony Mist (W7066): A neutral warm grey textured marble stone with multi-directional thin intersecting white veins.
  • Midnight Elegance (W7068): A jet black marble with elegant cross-directional white veins.
  • Serenity Weave (W7072): A soft, sophisticated linen weave of cream and grey tones that offer broad coordination with other colors and materials.
  • Silken Weave (W7071): A white neutral linen in a soft cross-weave pattern offering overall color and extraordinary dimension.
  • Tranquil Lines (W7074): A cool, neutral backdrop that soothes the senses and pairs easily with bolder colors and design elements. 
  • Urban Soapstone (W7067): A large-scale, smooth veined grey soapstone abounding in rich detail and natural features.

 Ideal for shower walls, bath surrounds, accent walls and cladding, Wetwall features a simple tongue-and-groove installation system on panels that can be easily installed with no special tooling required. The system is also grout-free, making it simple to maintain and clean. Creating an elevated design aesthetic and optimizing convenience in tub and shower spaces, the Wetwall system is compatible with the Wilsonart® Bath and Shower Accessories Niche collection, providing sleek and functional recessed shelving for holding shampoo, soap and other shower accessories.

Created with a patented, waterproof core and antimicrobial protection that inhibits the growth of stain- and odor-causing mold and mildew, Wetwall panels are engineered to withstand everyday use with little maintenance required. The system additionally features AEON™ Enhanced Scratch & Scruff-Resistant Performance Technology, giving it superior durability and ease. Manufactured in Temple, Texas, Wetwall is GREENGUARD Gold Certified to meet low chemical emission limits for better indoor air quality.

Wetwall is made for residential and commercial settings and is available nationally online. For more information and where to buy, visit wetwall.com.

Published at: 05-06-2024