Arborite Launches Maison Collection for the Home

Panorama and Welcome Home Introduce Arborite to the Residential Market with Kitchen-Focused Product Lines

February, 2016 — Montreal, Canada — Arborite is bringing its material expertise to the residential sector with Maison, a new family of products designed exclusively for the kitchen. Maison, which launches across both the US and Canada in 2016, will be the umbrella for curated lines focused on the residential consumer and specifically, the kitchen. To start off, Maison will encompass the Panorama and Welcome Home series, pairing the luxurious aesthetic of natural stone with the versatility and convenience of high-pressure laminate. Panorama’s full-scale scans capture the unique imperfections and veining of true stone, while Welcome Home’s neutral palette emulates composite stone. 

“Maison shows Arborite’s commitment to offering solutions for any design, including kitchens,” explains Arborite President Salvatore Rivera. “Panorama and Welcome Home will help the residential market access an elegant aesthetic at an accessible price point – offering a high-pressure laminate construction that is easy to clean and maintain, which are top priorities in this setting.”

Panorama was first launched to the Canadian market with six patterns in 2013. As part of the Maison launch, all original Panorama designs are now available to the US, as well as are a range of new patterns and the Welcome Home line, which are available in both markets.

The Panorama series uses full scans of hand-selected stone slabs, including travertine and marble, to create non-repeating designs with unique veining and coloring in 13 designs. Welcome Home features small-scale stone looks, such as granite and quartz, and recreates their appearance for the home in 31 patterns and colorations.


Published at: 02-20-2016