Danny Seo and Wilsonart Collaborate on “Slice of Ice” To Bring the Beauty of Glacial Striations to High End Laminate Design

Nine New Modern Designs Bring Ice Cold Color and Style to Laminate Surfaces

TEMPLE, TX (May 22, 2018) – For more than 60 years, Wilsonart has continually pushed the design envelope to recreate the authentic look of wood, metal and stone into sustainable laminate surfaces. And now, an unexpected part of nature is inspiring their latest collection. The “Slice of Ice by Danny Seo” line, which brings a very modern, high end look to laminate, is influenced by the striations that have developed in glacial ice over thousands of years. Working closely with designer, TV host and magazine Editor-in-Chief Danny Seo, the collection of nine designs was developed over the last two years and features “cracked ice” patterns in light icy blues, dark blues, and shades of gray, white and black.

“I find inspiration everywhere in nature, and it seems the beautiful cool tones, colors and patterns you find in glaciers are the last untapped design resources,” says Danny, the host of the Emmy-winning “Naturally, Danny Seo” on NBC and Editor-in-Chief of the magazine of the same name. “The perfect artist is Mother Nature and the stunning patterns are familiar, yet fresh and modern. They work as a gorgeous cool countertop, or to create a stunning effect when used vertically on walls.” 

“Collaborating with Danny to develop this collection has not only been exciting but also a privilege for Wilsonart,” said Tammy Weadock, Marketing Communications Manager at Wilsonart. "The ‘Slice of Ice by Danny Seo’ designs are contemporary, surprising and an important addition to our Virtual Design Library.”

Sapphire Ice | Fine Velvet Texture | Y0624-38 – a large-scale stone design with white and blue veining. This dramatic deep blue design has levels of transparency, creating visual interest.

Onyx Ice | Fine Velvet Texture | Y0625-38 – a dramatic black stone design with large white and grey veining. This large-scale design has a beautiful transparency effect.

Diamond Ice | Soft Silk Finish | Y0626K-21 – a warm white large-scale stone design with large grey veining. This beautiful pattern has visual transparency for a bold look.

White Iceberg | Fine Velvet Texture | Y0627-38 – a large-scale white stone design with black and grey veining. This design was created from actual photos of glaciers.

Blue Iceberg | Fine Velvet Texture | Y0628-38 – a large-scale pale blue stone design with black veining. This design and its coloration was created from actual photos of glaciers.

Polar Hex | Fine Velvet Texture | Y0629-38 – an abstracted stone design made up of hexagons. This medium-scale design is in blacks, greys and white.

Frozen Hex | Fine Velvet Texture | Y0631-38 – a medium-scale abstracted stone design made up of hexagons in blues, greys, white and black.

Arctic Voyage | Soft Silk Finish | Y0633K-21 – a large-scale stone design in warm white and greys. The design was inspired by ice packs found in the Arctic sea.

Arctic Expedition | Soft Silk Finish | Y0634K-21 – a medium grey and charcoal stone design. This stunning large-scale design was inspired by Arctic ice flows.

The “Slice of Ice by Danny Seo” collection is now available online as part of the Wilsonart® Virtual Design Library, an evolving curation of boutique laminates available to ship 21 days from factory.


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