Wilsonart Brings the Outdoors In with “Nature Beckons”

17 New Abstract and Literal Biophilic Patterns Enhance Virtual Design Library’s Offerings  

TEMPLE, TX (August 14, 2018) – Biophilic Design, the architectural framework that weaves patterns of nature into the built environment, has reached a tipping point. Numerous scientific studies have confirmed Biophilic Design’s impressive benefits. From increased employee productivity and decreased absenteeism to an experiment with blood donors seated in a waiting room that found viewing imagery of nature lowered the donors’ blood pressure levels and pulse rates more than watching images of urban settings, it is no wonder that designers are looking to Biophilic Design to advance workplace wellness. “Nature Beckons” is Wilsonart’s newest addition of abstracted and literal Biophilic Designs, created to nourish the human-nature connection. The 17 new custom laminate designs, offered through the company’s Virtual Design Library (VDL), further expands the online boutique solutions library of patterns in the areas of abstracts, materials and woodgrains. 

“Biologist Edward O. Wilson, back in 1984, was the first to introduce the idea that we humans have an innate connection to nature,” said Andrea Flint, Sr. Product Designer, Wilsonart. “On average, we spend about 90 percent of our time indoors or in cars. When we are outdoors, all too often we are glued to our smartphones and oblivious to the natural world around us. Biophilic Design, with its nature-inspired patterns, forms and textures, helps reinforce our inborn connection to the natural world and balance our need for it even when we are inside.”

From bold, green, graphic designs inspired by a soaring canopy of trees to rustic white-washed woods and the sweet, hexagonal prismatic wax cells of a honeycomb, Nature Beckons offers unique Biophilic Design solutions that are a wonderful addition to any space. The series of Honeycomb patterns are the first new pattern expansion within Wilsonart’s Spectrum Line.  Launched in 2016, the Spectrum category of design pairs subtle, layered designs within a spectacular range of colors. Nature Beckons also features Wilsonart’s signature soft-to-the-touch ‘Soft Silk’ finish on two, stunning Tulipwood designs. “With this launch, our Virtual Design Library now offers 466 curated laminate patterns,” Flint observed. “Our Virtual Design Library offers the variety of looks and design textures not found in traditional laminate launches. Combine this with our speed-to-market and commitment to service, the Virtual Design Library commands an important role in resources architects and designers are looking to tap.” The 17 new patterns in Nature Beckons can be viewed in the Wilsonart Visualizer and feature: 

Canopy – A bold, green, graphic design, this medium-scale pattern is inspired by the canopy of a tree that has been fractured by sunlight into diamonds, like a kaleidoscope.

Swirling Fields – A large-scale graphic design, this grey-on-grey pattern is full of organic swirling lines.

Dappled Cement – Reminiscent of textured concrete, various shades of light grey dominate this large-scale geometric design.

Dappled Concrete – Also reminiscent of textured concrete, this large-scale geometric design has various shades of grey and darker charcoal.

Woven Reeds – This textile-inspired design in earthy green has a medium-scale fractured geometric pattern.

Woven Clouds – A textile inspired design in warm white and grey, this is a medium-scale fractured geometric pattern.

Monkeypod Wood – A celebrated, exotic wood from Hawaii, this wood design is large-scale and has a range of rich brown colors and dark grain features.

Brown Tulipwood – A soft grained wood design in medium warm-toned brown, this stunning large-scale wood pattern has dark brown heartwood.

Natural Tulipwood – A soft grained wood pattern in a range of light taupe, this large-scale design has dramatic dark brown sapping.

Cedar – A wood design with tight vertical and tight grain lines, the heartwood in this veneer look is a uniform reddish-brown color.

Digital Lumber – An abstracted, rustic, white-washed wood design, this large-scale pattern has warm neutral wood tones balanced throughout.

Digital Timber – An abstracted, rustic wood design, the colors in this large-scale pattern are taupe, brown and black.

Oat Honeycomb – A small-scale hexagon design, this medium warm neutral color is in the Spectrum line.

Teal Honeycomb – A small-scale hexagon design in a teal color, this is another Spectrum line pattern.

Crimson Honeycomb – A small-scale hexagon design in a crimson color, is a Spectrum line pattern.

Pumpkin Honeycomb – A small-scale hexagon design in a dark orange color from the Spectrum line.

Dark Honeycomb – A small-scale hexagon design in deep indigo color from the Spectrum line.       

These new engineered natural surface materials are applicable to healthcare, retail, hospitality and education markets. 

Published at: 08-14-2018