Design-Driven Innovation Delivers Performance Surfacing Solutions from Wilsonart

Ultra-Thin Countertops and Dimensional, Soft Touch Textures Showcased at IWF  

TEMPLE, TX (August 22, 2018) – When we think about innovation, the focus is often on technology. Wilsonart, the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative, high-performance engineered surfaces, goes a step further. The company’s innovations are inspired by design but informed by consumer preferences and what consumers see as valuable additions to their lives. “We call it design-driven innovation, and it starts with the end-user in mind,” noted Joel Culp, VP of Global Marketing for Wilsonart. “At Wilsonart, design-driven innovation takes on a whole new meaning when we apply it to engineered surfaces. Our designers experiment with the look, the touch, the use, the durability and affordability of multiple surfaces and materials. This allows us to give customers a range of luxury materials that work hard, look beautiful and are easy to maintain.”

It also allows Wilsonart to innovate with performance in mind. At the International Woodworking Fair, Wilsonart, Booth #C-1958, will showcase surface solutions that range from fingerprint-resistant, water-resistant and scratch-and-scuff-resistant to others that are ultra-thin or feature visual patterns with dimensional texture. “Easy-to-spec material options that address multiple purposes are ideal for environments such as healthcare,” Natalia Smith, Design Manager at Wilsonart commented. “When you overlay that process with Material Mixology and combine products such as Solid Surface, SOLICOR™ Compact Laminate and our fingerprint-resistant Traceless™ Laminate, you solve the functional demands of a healthcare environment while promoting rest and healing through beautiful design,” Smith commented. Innovations such as these have transformed Wilsonart from the premier Laminate and Quartz provider to a World-Leading provider of Total Engineered Surfacing Solutions. Highlights from the Wilsonart booth include:

  • Pre-view THINSCAPE™ Performance Tops. This is a versatile and highly durable, ultra-thin countertop. It combines large-scale marble looks with soft touch finishes within an impact-resistant slim slab to create a beautiful, high-performance product. Both Installers and DIYers love THINSCAPE Performance Tops because they are easier to work with than porcelain options. 
  • Traceless™. Introduced at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in early 2018, Traceless is a laminate product that features a smooth and velvety feel, eliminates smears, smudges and streaks and is perfect for high-touch areas such as cabinets and countertops.
  • NEW Texture Innovation.
    • Aligned Texture. A brand new, proprietary, tactile finish for laminates that synchronizes visual patterns and dimensional texture to create striking clarity and a realistic look.    
    • Soft Silk Finish. The new Soft Silk (-21) laminate finish is more than a stunning ultra-matte surface. This new finish is incredibly soft and smooth with a silky touch.
  • AEON™ Performance Technology. This is Wilsonart’s enhanced scratch and scruff-resistant coating that is built right into the surface and comes standard with all Wilsonart® HD® and Premium Laminates.   
  • Adhesives. Launched in early 2018, Wilsonart will showcase the Wilsonart® Nonflammable NF700 and NF740 Canister Adhesive series, a technological breakthrough for solvent-based canister contact adhesives. These are the first nonflammable formulations with a nonflammable propellant that does not contain the solvents methylene chloride or n-propyl bromide.
  • SMART Wallboard. Designed with insights from the architectural and design communities, the modular Wilsonart® SMART Wallboard helps customers speed the ordering process. Each of Wilsonart’s hole-less chips features a QR code which, when used with the Wilsonart Design App, creates a seamless digital experience, providing access to sample refills and information 24/7.
  • Lunch on Us! Customers are invited to have lunch with Wilsonart on Wednesday, August 22 and Thursday, August 23 from 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. Stop by the Wilsonart booth for complete details.


Published at: 08-22-2018