Wilsonart Engineered Surfaces Completes Acquisition of Technistone

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Innovative New Material Aims to Replace Traditional Wood Veneer in High-Performance Commercial Applications

TEMPLE, TX (July 10, 2019) - New Leaf Performance Veneers, a Wilsonart company, introduces a whole new category of veneered surface to overcome the the challenge of traditional wood veneers.

Wilsonart Launches New Quartz and Solid Surface: Keystones of Experiential Interiors

TEMPLE, TX (June 27, 2019) – Wilsonart launches newly imagined Quartz and Solid Surface designs to expand on your own individual story, elevating surfaces to nature-inspired works of art.

Wilsonart Infuses Big Personality into Commercial Laminate and Traceless™ Collections

TEMPLE,TX (June 12, 2019) - Wilsonart's 2019 Commercial Laminate and Traceless™ Laminate Collections include 25 unique designs in a variety of textures.

Wilsonart Launches Playful, a Collection that Embodies a Fun-Loving Lifestyle

TEMPLE, TX (May 29, 2019) - New Virtual Design Library Collection, Playful, is a fusion of colors and patterns that create a unique pop to any space offering a way to customize and personalize home decor with youthful colors, lively patterns and a feeling of lightheartedness.

Students Use Parametric Design to Create Chairs Inspired by The Future For the 15th Annual Student Chair Design Competition from Wilsonart

NEW YORK, NY (May 20, 2019) – "The Future" inspired students to design uncommon chairs for the 15th Annual Wilsonart Challenges Student Chair Design Competition.